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What is accounting | benifits of accounting

24 September 2020

What is accounting?

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions involving a business. The accounting process includes the summary, analysis, and reporting of these transactions to supervisors, regulators, and collectors. Accounting can be defined as identifying, measuring, recording, and communicating financial information.

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Who is the bookkeeper, bookkeeping service, accounting service

18 September 2020

Who is the bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers are responsible for providing accurate and current financial information about a business. They always keep a pulse on a business. Most of the time, their reports are passed on to business owners and managers to help them make decisions...

What are the types of accounting, accounting firm

18 September 2020

What are the types of accounting?

Accountants can be tasked with capturing specific transactions or working with specific sets of information. For this reason, there are several broad groups that most accountants can be grouped into. Accountants help businesses maintain accurate...

12 Tips for Bookkeeping for Your Freelance Business

18 September 2020

12 Tips for Bookkeeping for Your Freelance Business

Knowing what’s going on with your profit can help you succeed as a freelancer. Whether you use an accountant for tax time or not, it's important to keep your finances in check all year round...

Here are 10 of the most common bookkeeping mistakes small business owners make when it comes to their business finances

18 September 2020

10 most common bookkeeping mistakes?

Even if they may not be required by the IRS, receipts under $75 provide supporting documentation for many of the deductions you may be able to claim. Although they still need to be kept in a file or box in the case of an audit....

How to Keep Books The basics that every small business owner must know

18 September 2020

How to Keep Books: Every small business owner must know.

Basic bookkeeping conditions that you must know Accounts payable is the account which is used to track all of the cash that you owe to a third party...